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We SHIP to United States Of America. Safe, cheap shipping methods - a final shipping cost will be automatically calculated when You add item/s into shopping bag and enter your shipping address. Enjoy your shopping. If you have any question feel free to contact us.
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TC & Privacy policy


Shopping rules of procedure of the „Coco-fashion.com” online store, run at the address www.coco-fashion.com (online store) by the company acting under the name of Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga, having its seat in Ryn at Ratuszowa 51/20, 11-520 Ryn), registered at the register of entrepreneurs kept by the Council of Ryn City under number 1208, NIP: 845-186-67-05, VAT EU PL845-186-67-05, REGON: 280544036.

I. General provisions

1. The online store runs sales of products via Internet using the domain www.coco-fashion.com.

2. Orders may be placed by adult natural persons possessing active capacity, legal persons or organisational entities having no legal personality.

3. Persons making online shopping, referred to above ( Clients), are natural persons placing an order and concluding sales contract not related directly to their business activity ( Consumers) and other entities (Business Clients).

4. Products offered by the online store are brand new, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In case of products purchased by the Consumer, the warranty term shall last two (2) years from the moment it has been released to the Client, and in case of Business Clients - also two (2) years. In order to exercise the Client’s rights under warranty, it shall submit the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice or another proof).

5. The products prices presented on the online store’s website are default expressed in American dollar (USD), they are gross prices since they include VAT – 23%. The prices do not include the shipment costs (costs of delivery). However receipt and invoice will be issused in polish currency (PLN),  sales contract shall be issued in Polish language and shall be concluded between a Client and Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga in Warsaw in accordance with the Polish law.

6. The online store reserves the right to change the products prices presented in the offer. The change of products prices does no affect the price specified in the order previously placed by the Client.

7. VAT invoice or receipt, by the Client’s choice, shall be issued to each order. 

II. Placing orders

1. Before placing an order online, the Client enters into the register by the ‘add to cart’ option – opens his personal Account. The Account access is by login being the Client’s mail address. The Client uses its own password to use its online store Account.

2. While placing an order, or opening the online store Account, the Client voluntarily gives the following personal data: name and surname (alternatively, company’s name, and name and surname of a person acting on behalf of the company, as well as tax payer number and other data necessary for issuing an invoice), precise address, email address, fax and contact phone numbers. The Client declares that the above-mentioned data are true and correct before confirming them for the online store. The aforementioned data are indispensable for concluding a contract and its appropriate execution.

3. The process of placing the order consists of the following stages:

a) filling out an elctronic form of order by the ‘add to cart’ option available at the website www.coco-fashion.com , or placing the order by phone using the hotline number,

b) Client’s acceptance of the provisions of this Rules of procedure, in case of placing an order by phone, the Client accepts the Rules of procedure while confirming the order.

4. When the order is placed, an automatic email message shall be sent to the Client’s email address listing the items of order, including the Client’s data.

5. When the order is placed by phone, the online store shall send a summary of order, referred to above, i.e. the Client’s data and a link used by the Client for effecting payment or account number (in case of payment onto a bank account), as well as the confirmation link used by the Client for confirmation of all items of order sent to the Client’s email address.

6. Coco-fashion.com provides three (2) shipping methods:

a) courier service: Allekurier, GLS
b) post office service: polish post office

9. The Client decides on the mode of delivery of ordered goods while placing the order.

11. The Client may cancel the order or waive the sales contract in case of payment prior to shipment- by the time of making payment.

12. If the obligation cannot be fulfilled by the Online Store because the subject of contract is not available, the Consumer should be informed about that without delay, but within thirty (30) days from the day of concluding the contract, at the latest, and refund all the money received by the online store.

13. If the Online Store cannot fulfill its obligation because of even temporary inability to execute the Consumer’s order, the Online Store may exempt itself from fulfilling substitute performance conforming in the same quality and purpose, of the same price or remuneration, informing the Consumer at the same time in writing about its right to reject such performance and to waive the contract, including the return of products at the expense of the Online Store. In such case, the Consumer shall have the right to waive the contract.

14. The Online Store may waive the sales contract in case of lack of payment for ordered goods as cash before shipment – within seven (7) days from the Client’s order confirmation. 

III. Payments

1. The Online Store provides for the following modes of payment:

· Bank transfer

· Paypal

· Credit and debit cards supported by PayLane.com

· Local payment methods supported by PayLane.com

Credit, debit cards and loal payment methods supoorted by PayLane sp. z o.o. having its seat in Gdańsk at Arkońskiej street, Residence no. 6/A3, postal code: 80-387, KRS: 0000227278.

2. The moment of crediting of a bank account of Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga shall be regarded as the moment of effecting payment.

3. The final price, to be paid by the Client, shall include due amount for ordered goods, cost of delivery defined on the ‘delivery costs’ tab : http://www.coco-fashion.com/shipping.html and a discount granted for an individual discount code or individual gift coupon code.

IV. Cost and time of delivery

1. Territorial scope for delivery of orders includes the territory of Poland, EU member states and other countries of choice available on the stage of delivery.

2. The time of order execution and goods availability shall be given in the description of product on the Store’s website. The Client may be additionally informed about the time of order execution by phone or email.

3. In case of several products each of which has different time of delivery indicated in the description of goods, the longest term indicated in the description shall be assumed as the time of execution of order as a whole.

4. In case of ordering several products, the time of order execution defined in the previous section may be extended by three days because of the necessity of completing the whole order.

5. Orders placed on public holidays shall be executed on the first working day after the holidays the orders were placed on.

6. The time of order execution may be prolonged for reasons not attributable to the Online Store such as weather conditions, fortuitous events on the road. If such events occur, the Client shall be informed by phone or email about the extension of the time of order execution .

7. Costs of delivery shall be defined on the tab: http://www.coco-fashion.com/shipping.html

9. In case of Client using discount based on order value, when Client sends back part of the order (and because of that value of remaining part of order will not qualifies for discount) discount will not be included and paid back amount will be reduced by the amount of discount.

V. Replacement of goods

1. If the Client bought a product of wrong size, the Online Store shall allow the Clients to replace the purchased products, provided that the product of a required size is available.

2. Only the products having not damaged, clean, completed are subject to replacement.

3. In order to replace the product for the one of the appropriate size, one should get in touch with the Online Store by phone or email to ascertain whether the appropriate size is available on stock.

4. In order to replace the product , the package including goods for replacement shall be posted within thirty (30) days from its receipt to the following address: Coco-Fashion K. Wallenroda 10 lok. 01/24, 11-520 Ryn, POLAND. The package must also include the completed form of goods replacement (available under this link).

5. The costs of posting the replaced goods shall be borne by the Client.

6. If the replacement of purchased goods is not possible for the same in another size, the Client and the Online Store may jointly agree on the replacement of goods for another available product.

VI. Claims and returns

1. Goods inconsistent with the order, in case of detecting inconsistency or defects, may be returned in an original packaging to the Online Store to the following address: Coco-fashion.com, K. Wallenroda 10 lok. 01/24, 11-520 Ryn, POLAND. A claim should include: order number, cause for complaint, a detailed description of inconsistency or defect, the time of exposure of inconsistency or defect, the Client’s name and surname, return address, phone number, email address. In such a case, the cost of transport shall be borne by the Client.

2. Complaints are considered within 14 working days from their submission. In case of justified complaint, the damaged product shall be replaced with the one consistent with the order and the costs of shipments shall be borne by the Online Store. If the replacement of goods is not possible, the Online Store shall refund the paid-up amount including the cost of shipment. The Online Store may offer another product to the Client in return for the returned product. In such a case, the Client shall be entitled to choose between the refund of money and the receipt of another product in exchange of the returned goods.

VII. Waiver of contract

1. The Client, being a Consumer at the same time, may withdraw from the contract concluded via Online Store for convenience within ten (14) days from the goods collection, making the appropriate written statement. To observe the time limit for waiver, it will be enough to submit the statement on waiver before its lawful term expires. The statement shall be submitted or sent to the following address: Coco-fashion K. Wallenroda 10 lok. 01/24, 11-520 Ryn, POLAND or to the email address: hello@coco-fashion.com.

2. In case of waiver, the contract is considered un-let contract and the Client shall be exempted from any obligation. The Client shall be obliged to return goods not later than within fourteen (14) days from the submission of the statement on waiver to the Online store. The returned goods must be complete, bear no traces of use. The cost of goods return shall be borne by the Client. The Client is requested to protect the returned goods properly against damage in transport.

3. In case of effective waiver of contract, the refund of money paid up by the Client shall be effected onto the bank account indicate by the Client not later than within fourteen (14) days from the date of the receipt of a written statement on waiver by the Online Store.

4. The returned goods shall not be accepted if they are not complete or bear traces of use. The Online Store shall return the goods to the Client, previously notifying him about that.

VIII. Personal data protection

1. While opening an account in the Online Store (entering in the register), the Client agrees to processing its personal data, included in the form for the purpose of order execution, i.e. conclusion and execution of the sales contract, by Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga. Making the Client’s personal data available is indispensable for the execution of order placed pursuant to this Rules of Sales.

2. Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga, Ratuszowa 51/20, 11-520 Ryn, is the personal data Administrator who processes the Clients’ personal data in accordance with the rules of law, including especially the provisions of the act of 29.08.1997 on personal data protection, act on rendering electronic services and this Rules of Sales.

3. As far as electronic payments are concerned, transactions support shall be carried out by PayLane Ltd payment system (Arkońska Business Park, Arkońska 6/A3, 80–387 Gdańsk, Poland), as well as by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349), which administer the Clients’ personal data necessary for effecting payment. A detailed information about the rules of use of the system and personal data processing shall be available on www.paylane.com for the ‘PayLane’ payment system and https://cms.paypal.com/pl/ for the ‘PayPal’ system of payment.

4. The Client has the right of access to the content of its personal data, the right to amend and supplement them on the way of electronic communication, and the right to demand cessation of processing, the right to demand their removal pursuant to the act of 29.08.1997 on personal data protection ( Journal of Laws of 2002 No 101, sec. 926 incl. subsequent amendments).

IX. Final provisions

1. All information, names of manufacturers, names and pictures of products, manufacturers trademarks, products brands placed on the website www.coco-fashion.com belong to their owners and are presented on the website of the Online Store for information and promotion purposes only related to the sales of goods. Unauthorised copying, distributing, using for commercial or presentation purposes without consent of the authorised entities is strictly forbidden.

2. Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga and Clients shall jointly undertake, above all, to take actions aiming at resolving disputes amicably, especially by initiating negotiations, in case of any disputes relating to the provisions of this Rules of sales and contracts concluded in accordance with these Rules, or their execution.

3. If no agreement has been reached as to the method of resolving the dispute referred to in section 2 of this Article, the disputes shall be settled by a competent court according to the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.

4. Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga shall be entitled to change this Rules of procedure. Information about amendments and the effective date of implementation of a new version of the Rules of procedure shall be presented on the website www.coco-fashion.com. The Client shall be obliged to accept the actual version of the Rules of procedure while placing an order. Information on the Rules amendment done by the Online Store shall not affect the content of the sales contracts already concluded. The Rules accepted by the Client at the time of placing the order shall be binding while concluding the contract.

5. Information presented on the website www.coco-fashion.com shall not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.

Privacy policy

We collect and use your personal data solely for the purposes of Online Trade Services, having its seat in Warsaw Ratuszowa 51/20, 11-520 Ryn, registered at the register of entrepreneurs kept by the Council of Ryn City under number 1208, NIP: 845-186-67-05, VAT EU PL845-186-67-05, REGON: 280544036, for execution of orders, advertising and marketing communication as well as information activities carried out among consumers and clients.

Personal data protection is our absolute priority. We care for administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect personal data being in our possession against an unauthorised disclosure, use, change or damage. We become involved in creating special procedures of security control to protect personal data we possess against any predictable risk.

Personal data included in the forms are stored and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Polish law. The dataset is treated as a derived database stored on a server in a special safety zone. The administrator of the collected data is Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga. We provide access to personal data to all server users and ability to modify them pursuant to the act on personal data protection ( Journal of Laws No 133 of 29.08.1997). These data may be removed any time at the User’s request.
We shall not transfer, sell or lend the collected personal data to other persons or institutions, unless by the decision of court, prosecutor’s office, police or other authorised body. Transaction data, including personal data may be transferred to PayLane sp. z o.o. having its seat in Gdańsk at Arkońskiej street, Residence no. 6/A3, postal code: 80-387, KRS: 0000227278 to the extent necessary for the payment of order.

We use the cookies files to analyse the statistics of the users’ traffic. We can also use them to monitor the flow of the Internet users of the company’s websites. The exclusion of cookies service in the user’s browser shall not impede the use of our websites. They shall not, however, affect the basic principle: we do not sell and disclose the users’ personal data or contact details to unauthorised persons.

Cookies files policy

1. The website shall not automatically collect any information, except for these included in the cookies files.

2. The cookies files (the so called ‘cookies’) constitute informatic data , especially text files, stored in the browser of the Website User and are used  for browsing websites.  Cookies usually contain the website’s name they come from, time of storing them on the server and unique number.

3. The subject inserting cookies files on the Website User’s server and having access to them is the Coco-fashion.com  website’s operator, Online Trade Services Kamil Kaluga, having its seat in Warsaw.

4. Cookies are used for:
   a) adjusting websites’ contents to the user’s preferences and optimization of the websites use; they help to recognise the Website User’s web browser and appropriately desplaythe website adjusted to his individual needs;
   b) creating statistics which helps to understand how the Website Users make use of the web pages, which allows to improve their structure and content;
   c) keep track of the Website User’s session ( after signing in), thanks to which the User does not have to log on and insert again; 
5. Two basic types of cookies are used:  ‘session cookies’  and  ‘persistent cookies’. The Session cookies are transient   files which are stored in the user’s browser  until logout, erasing from the website or switching off the browser;  Persistent cookies are stored in the user’s browser for a period defined in the cookies files parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
6. The following types of cookies files are used:
   a)  ‘ needful’ cookies, enabling the use of services available on the website,  eg. authorising cookies files used for services requiring authorisation;  
   b) security cookies files,  used for detecting abuses with regard to authorisation within the website; 
   c) ‘ efficiency’ cookies, enabling to collect information on the way of website use;
   d)  ‘functional’  cookies, enabling to ‘memorize’ the user’s selected settings and personalisation of the user’s interface, eg. with regard to the language or region the User comes from, font or website’s appearance, etc.;
   e) ‘advertising’ cookies,  providing advertising copies adjusted to the user’s interests.
7. In many cases the website browser  by default permits storing of  the cookies files in the User’s browser. The Website users may change  the cookies’ settings any time. These settings may be changed especially to block an automatic cookies service  in the website browser’s settings or  to inform  about  every insertion of cookies in the User’s browser. A detailed information on the possibilities and ways of the cookies files  support are available in the software settings ( website browser).
8. The Website operator acknowledges that  the restrictions on the cookies files use may affect some functionalities which are available on the web pages.
9. The cookies files  placed on the User’s website  may be also used by the advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website operator.

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