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Are you a fashion blogger?

Do you want clothings absolutely for FREE?
You may get free clothings that are worthy of $10 to $100 (include shipping) every month. 

Fashion Bloggers POLICY?

1. We require that...

Your blog members are supposed to be over 500 OR at least 2500 followers with one of your lookbook, chictopia or facebook accounts.

2. Please put our Coco Store Banner on the frontpage of your blog and introduce our website in post on your blog.

You become our fashion reviewer once you join our program. We call you our "Coco Fashion Expert". Our banner (we provide several different icons, then you can choose one, best for your blog design) should be placed on the frontpage of your blog and should be linked to this page: https://www.coco-fashion.com (please add NO FOLLOW tag - copy banner html code and paste into your website). Then add blog post - 1-2 links to our website - links should contain nofollow attribute (choose one of a-c options): 

a) you can write general post about fashion and compare coco-fashion.com with your country online stores [only 1-2 links to our website - with NOFOLLOW tag]

b) you can find on coco-fashion.com some items similar to other brands and compare it [only 1-2 links to our website - with NOFOLLOW tag]

c) you can write post about asian style, asian customs, tradition (worldwide or your country aspect) and introduce 2 online stores you like plus write about coco-fashion.com as the one you have just found in internet [only 1-2 links to our website - with NOFOLLOW tag]

You can write in your national language. THE LONGER ARTICLE THE BETTER. PLEASE DON'T ADD MORE THEN 1 LINK TO OUR MAIN PAGE (please rather link to some chosen 1-2 category pages or product pages).

3. Please share your experience of trying our clothings through network.

We will give you amount in USD to spend in our store. Exact amount depends on points your blog will get from us (followers, facebook, another social media sites, your blog specificity). You’re supposed to take photos wearing our clothings within 7-10 days once you receive them, and publish them to your blog, lookbook, facebook and twitter, etc. When you publish the photos and comments, please add the the link of the product page or the link of home page (http://www.coco-fashion.com)

4. Please send us an email when you publish your photos and comments.

5. Once you join our blog program you agree that we can use information of your post.

We may collect photos of your post and comments. Sometimes we may put it on facebook or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

Hundreds of bloggers around the world enjoy our programme - it's easy and can bring you interesting experiences.